Team Showcase

Harnoor Kour

Harnoor Kaur is a certified IELTS trainer who worked extensively with both young and adult learners and helped them get proficient in English communication. She smartly applies all grammatical components of English utilizing approaches of English Language Teaching methods such as Grammar Translation (GT) Method, Direct Method, and Audio Lingual Method to get 100% output … Read more

Abhishek Sharma

Do you find German a complicated language to learn and understand? Now you won’t! Abhishek Sharma is a highly qualified and experienced trainer providing expert German language training to students at British Overseas. He makes students proficient in German Grammar, Writing, Speaking, Reading, and Listening. For students, he makes learning interesting. Students taught by our … Read more

Shanya Sharma

Shanaya Sharma is a professional IELTS trainer with rich experience and English language expertise. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of English grammar. Students who get training under Shanaya never experience problems understanding the English language and its technicalities. She has trained thousands of students and helped them get enticing bands in the IELTS exam.

Aristote Wanny

Aristote Wanny is a very experienced and passionate French language expert who has been working with British Overseas as a French Instructor for years. He is a highly motivated individual traveling from country to country to polish his confidence and language skills. Aristotle gained valuable professional skills through his many experiences, including mastery of teaching, … Read more